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Welcome to Lis'ten's new website. Unfortunately Lis'ten and R&R Cycles have parted their ways...

You will still be able to find R&R Cycles at the given location on our old Websiteas well as, 1'st Aviation Brigade still is present at the SIMS Just follow the usual link there..  From now you will only find items of Lis'ten on this website.. Lis'ten is now located Inworld @ Phoneix Shopping  and will in a short time to be found on Marketplace too.

We do no longer make custom items, custom skins and clothes, as it is very timeconsuming. But the custom offers that you will find on this website is still active.. Browse though our website to see if there is anything you want.. 

Plz bare with us as we are updating and redoing everything in the shop and here on the website.  So we are a bit behind and under construction.. If any questions do not hesitate to contact Madam Martian  / Lis