3.D Clothing & Skin Shop for Second Life


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Soon to come. ~ Real Men no boys allowed *winks

It can not only be me, who think most male skins in Second Life looks more like boys than men.. 

But ? ? ? What happend to the REAL men? 

I know its a makebelieve world, but I must admidt I perfer a real man any day over a boy.. Also in aperence a.nd in makebelieve.

I am not to fund of the shaved chests, sixpacks and whatever. So I desidet to create this line of *Real Men Skin* for the real men., cause I know they are out there.. 

(There will ofcause also be a line of 'real women')

Real means that there will be flaws, wrinkles, errors in the skin ect.. just like it is in 'real' there will on a few maybe be a hint of a sixpack or something else.. Hairy chest is a must... (sighs to myself) Bodyhair ect ect... (on the men)  Once I get them done I would love some feedback if possible...


My very first attempt was to make Mr and Mrs SantaClaus..  I think I did okay with them, for firsttimers..

They have not been put up for sale yet, but let me know if you want one of them..  (I told ya Im so slow with doing all that packing boxes for the shop lol)


(Mr. Santa) with and without the white beard.. Eddie has very shown muscles, he used to be bodybuilder when he was younger, so there is still a hint of it on his whole body (think swartsnegger type)

Clayton is the quiet salesman type

He is actually created from pictures of a dear friend of mine in real..  

He has no sixpack but a lot of charme, I bet most women would love him...


He is the tough type, the gangmember that grew up again, and now is a familyman.. Max has this aura on him that seems a bit scare, he would be good for Masters that do not want to look like a 20 year old child with a huge sixpack.. The sixpack is there... ohhh trust me it is there *winks


Leo is created with my own dad in mind.. Leo is no springchicken, more like the 70-80ish (depending on what shape is used with him) He is the kind of guy everyone likes.. the good fun uncle Leo... Or the amazing granddaddy..


Benny is like Maxwell, the tough type and would be good for a Master to use.. (always depends on the shape used aswell) He is a bit younger than Maxwell.. I would say he looks like a ex boxer type... *smiless



is a dark african real woman..  She is named after my own grandma.. she was a interesting woman..